Whippet litter planned

We are planning a litter after our lovely N UCH Allfirdas Pippi Langstrømpe during 2021/22 (BIS junior Whippet special show 2019 for Arne Foss, BIS and 2BIS in 2019 at Storås, 2.best bitch and champion at NKK Lillehammer). She has excellent from all her shows, BIR and Best Bitch placements. And she is all we love in a whippet; curvy, good size, moderate, gentle in mind.

The chosen male for this mating is Bluefrost Charmy’s Eros. He has done well at shows, is the kind of curvy type we are looking for. He is a sweet and gentle family dog, good health and excellent type. Have done it excellent at shows, got cac’s and group-placements. We are so looking forward to this combination.

Er du interessert i å sette deg på liste til valp, eller ønsker ytterligere opplysninger, ta kontakt på e-post: tina@allfirdawhippet.com eller tlf: 98874716 

If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us: tina@allfirdawhippet.com

Link to the pedigree test mating

Tina og Tommy Ingebrigtsen