Our Cat

Kid Rock


 This beautiful youngster came to our home aprox oktober 2008. We had been looking for a second cat for a while, a cat that Bamse would accept to share his territorie with, and a cat that would accept living with our dogs. We explained to F.O.D that the problem was usually not the dogs, but the fact that Bamse doesn’t seems too keen about other cats. Finally one day we got sms from Kirsti who said she thought she had the right kitten for us. He was aprox 5 month old and had been found with his tail hurt so they had to amputet it. He was as sweet as sugar and a really social cat. So we agreed to try him out to see if he could blend in with all the other family members. And sure he did! He is the most loving, tender, caring, beautiful, social, cuddeling cat I’ve ever met! His funniest behaviour is when someone is in the shower, he just can’t wait to get in to the bathroom to drink warm shower water. He is waiting outside the door…. scratching on it, lying waiting, trying to put his paws under the door opening, and when the door goes up, he just slides under and run to the shower and lick the fresh, hot water as if he’d never tasted anything better. And then, when finnished, he lies down on, not besides but on(!), the feet to the person standing brushing newly washed hair or freshing up some makeup. This happens without doubt everytime someone has taken a shower, and seems to become his favourite ritual. Funny litle lovely cat. Besides that he also like to talk to us. He sounds just like a turtle dow…with his mrrrrrrrtling, and he speaks a lot!