Current Litter

Puppies 3 days old
Puppies 3 weeks old
Puppies 4 weeks old
Puppies 5 weeks old
The puppies are here. Two males and three females born May 12.
All puppies strong and well and the birth was easy and without complications.
We are so excited ❤
Allfirdakull mai 2019

C.I.B., SE CH, DK CH, EE CH, HU CH, SE VCH, SE JW 2013 Tallin Winner 2015 Adagio Olive Drab 
and Allfirdas Roskva
Adagio Olive Drab og Allfirdas Roskva

Adagio Olive Drab_24web

Adagio Olive Drab_27WEB

Adagio Olive Drab_28WEB

Adago Olive Drab_26

Allfirdas Roskva_14WEB

Allfirdas Roskva_8web

Allfirdas Roskva_5 web

Thank you to Camilla Johansson for this opportunity ❤

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