Kathstone’s Destined for Allfirda NO31956/14
Skjermbilde 2017-09-25 kl. 20.47.45
Norsk Miniatyrhund klubb 2015 – 2.Best Bitch with R.CAC
Norsk Miniatyrund klubb 2015 – 3.Best Bitch
Oppdal Hundeklubb 2015 – 4.Best Bitch with R.CAC
Trøndelag Selskapshundklubb 2016 – R.CAC
LC Sona 2016 – Best Bitch International Class with LC-CAC
Norsk Rotweilerklubb 2017 – BOS & CAC

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Dam: N UCH Siprex Dana
Siprex Dana(photo: Kathstone)

Sire: INT FIN LV SE N UCH Courtborne Don’t Be Cruel
Courtborne Don't Be Cruel_1(photo: Silje Emilsen)

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Litter 1 – at our kennel
with sire: NO SE UCH Allfirdas Pablo Picasso NO42815/15
Born 17.01.2017
Allfirdas Balder
Allfirdas Hugin
Allfirdas Munin
Allfirdas Frigg
Allfirdas Idunn
Allfirdas Roskva

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Litter 2 – at our kennel
with sire: SE UCH Mac Bells Karat Black Streak SE43213/2013
Born 24.02.2018
Allfirdas Birk Borkaskog
Allfirdas Jonatan Løvehjerte
Allfirdas Mio Min Mio
Allfirdas Pippi Langstrømpe
Allfirdas Ronja Røverdatter

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Litter 3 – at our kennel
with sire: Courtborne Vikings-Arn NO47656/16
Born 13.09.2018
Allfirdas Billy The Kid ♂
Allfirdas Doc Holliday ♂
Allfirdas Jesse James ♂
Allfirdas Annie Oakley
Allfirdas Pearl Hart ♀

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