Allfirdas Roskva NO32077/17
f. 17.01.17
Co-owned with Regina Bertasuite and family
Allfirdas Roskva_14WEB

Dam: Kathstone’s Destined for Allfirda NO31956/14
Foto: Randi Juliussen

Sire: Allfirdas Pablo Picasso NO42815/15

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Litter 1 – at our kennel (Allfirda)
with sire: C.I.B., SE CH, DK CH, EE CH, HU CH, SE VCH, SE JW 2013 Adagio Olive Drab
born 12 May 2019
Allfirdas Jubilé Casterly Rock
Allfirdas Jubilé King’s Landing
Allfirdas Jubilé Dragonstone
Allfirdas Jubilé Highgarden
Allfirdas Jubilé Winterfell

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