Sighthound Speciality Show and NKK Trondheim

Sighthound Speciality show 30.june 2018 for judge Susanne Oschinski, Germany:
Allfirdas Pippi Langstrømpe – 3.puppy bitch (4-6 months) with HP
Allfirdas Hugin – VG 3.Intermediate
Courtborne Vikings-Arn – Excl 4.Open Class
Kathstone’s Destined for Allfirda – Excl 1.Open Class with CQ in a large class and later shortlisted but not placed.

And Ilja won the child&dog competition together with Rime (Kathstone’s Destined for Allfirda). So proud of her.

We did not show our Undimoon Cassiopeia today because she would have entered the same class as Pippi, and we had no handlers available. But I got som really nice photos of her, taken by Anniken R. Søndrol. 

NKK Trondheim 1.july 2018 for judge Ricky Lochs-romans, Holland:
Allfirdas Hugin – Excl 1.Intermediate with CQ
Kathstone’s Destined for Allfirda – Excl 2.Open Class with CQ in a large open class and shortlisted and placed as 5.

Photos: Randi Juliussen/Anniken R.Søndrol

Undimoon Cassiopeia – almost 6 months
Abba Myndeklubben 30.juni 2018

Abba Myndeklubben 30.juni 2018_02

Abba Myndeklubben 30.juni 2018_04

Courtborne Vikings-Arn 22 months oldArn Myndeklubben 30.juni 2018

Kathstone’s Destine for Allfirda with our daughterIlja og Rime Myndeklubben 30.juni 2018

Ilja og Rime Myndeklubben 30.juni 2018_01

Rime NKK Trondheim 1.juli 2018

Allfirdas Hugin 17 months oldPil Myndeklubben 30.juni 2018_06

Pil Myndeklubben 30.juni 2018_5