Autumn is here

A longer video from friday, 4. October. The only positive thing about the autumn is that the dogs can run free, but the cold I could do without.

It is always interesting to see the pack in free motion together. Abba and Inga are close in age and trying to figure out whos gonna be in charge. It is quite harmless but with a lot of noise.
Miza was nearly run over by Inga (it doesn’t seem as she was actually run over) and felt very sorry for herself for a while, and then a few minutes later running like crazy again. They know how to act dramatic.
Ine, who is so small, have learned to lay low and close to me when the sights come running.
So amazing to see when Inga stretch her legs for a run.
And then you got the old lady just strolling around finding the gras most interesting.

Because of the unknown disease going on in Norway (a lot of dogs died of diarrhea) and the isolation due to that, we have not been on many shows this late summer. Now everything is starting to get back to normal and Dogs4all is coming up in November so I might see you there 🙂 Wishing all our dog friends a lovely autumn.