Valpeshow på Ler

Norsk Puddelklubb Nordenfjeldske arrangerte valpeshow som vi deltok på den 24.mars for myndedommer Arne Foss.

Allfirdas Billy The Kid har akkurat blitt 6 mnd gammel og stilte i klassen 6-9 mnd med totalt 5 deltakende valper. Han ble nr.2 i klassen med flott kritikk og HP.
Allfirdas Billy The Kid

Undimoon Monna – Inga (Hjortehund) ble BIR og 2BIG
Inga BIG2
foto: Moy Kleffelgård

Tina Bjørnewal dømte Barn&Hund og jentungen ble den heldige vinneren med venninnen på en god delt andreplass med de andre barna.
Skjermbilde 2019-03-24 kl. 15.34.29

I tillegg var det to valper etter Allfirdas Valeria som stilte på valpeshowet:
Whipsnow Like a Rolling Stone som ble nr.3 i  klassen hanner 6-9 mnd med flott kritikk og HP.
Whipsnow Like A Rolling Stone
Foto: Randi Juliussen

Whipsnow Girl From The North C nr.2 av 6 tisper med HP i klassen tisper 6-9 mnd med flott kritikk og HP.
Whipsnow Girl From The North C
Foto: Randi Juliussen
Vi er stolte av ‘barnebarna’. 🙂

Puppies expected

Or at least we hope so.
If the mating was successful Roskva will be whelping somewhere around May 10. And we are so excited about the combination! Hopefully everything works out as planned and we will welcome puppies after:

C.I.B., SE CH, DK CH, EE CH, HU CH, SE VCH, SE JW 2013 Tallin Winner 2015 Adagio Olive Drab and Allfirdas Roskva
Adagio Olive Drab og Allfirdas Roskva

Adagio Olive Drab_24web

Adagio Olive Drab_27WEB

Adagio Olive Drab_28WEB

Adago Olive Drab_26

Allfirdas Roskva_14WEB

Allfirdas Roskva_8web

Allfirdas Roskva_5 web

Thank you to Camilla Johansson for this opportunity ❤

Visitors from south of Norway

So we had a lovely visitor from kennel Husstølen from the south of Norway three weeks back and now I find time to update with some lovely photos we took. Some of them are taken by me and some of them are taken by Hilde Bjaanes Ims.

Hilde was here to mate her beautiful girl «Tessa» Kathstone’s Fantasy Grace with our «Pablo» No Se Ch Allfirdas Pablo Picasso. Tessa is Rime’s half sister, they are both daughters of Siprex Dana in two different litters she had. Aren’t they beautiful?

Rime og Tessa_1

Rime og Tessa_4

Rime og Tessa_2
We tried to take ‘a couple photo’ of the two lovebirds, but Pablo had other interests that day than standing still next to the lady for photos. So we had no luck in getting the ‘perfect’ photo shot of them together. In stead we also brought Rimes daughter Pippi to the photoshoot and had some nice pics of those three together.
Pippi, Rime og Tessa_2

Pippi, Rime og Tessa_3

Pippi, Rime og Tessa_1

Every time I do a photoshoot I keep telling myself I have to practice on learning the dogs to stand still for the photographer and every time we forget to do that when we’re done. Normally they are used to standing still with me on the side and not in the front of them. Guess I have to practice for real soon to make beautiful still photos of them.

We at lest got a head shot of Pablo that day.
And Tessa

Check out Kennel Husstølen at Facebook to follow this litter 🙂

Litter 2018

We are so looking forward to what awaits us in 2018 and are so thankful for the opportunity we got to use this stunning male for our bitch:

(C.I.B., WW 2011, US GR CH, FI CH, NO CH, IT CH, EE CH, FI W 2011, HE W 2011, HE W 2012, HE W 2013 Aberdeen Remarkable In Paris x C.I.B., DK CH, SE CH Mac Bells Driving Miss Daisy)

I’ve been having my eyes on him for a long time, and meeting him and Helene this summer was a blast. It’s been a long wait when you look forward to something, but as they say – the one who is waiting for something good never waits to long.