Jubilé litter

So we’ve named the puppies 

We have so much to celebrate this year so it is natural for us to give the puppies Jubilé-names together with GOT-places-names.

1. We celebrate 10 years anniversary for our Kennel
2. We celebrate 10 years anniversary of our marriage
3. We celebrate 15 years anniversary for our relationship
4. We celebrate 5 years anniversary for our GOT-litter
5. We celebrate the release of the last/8 season of GOT

So we present our litter born May 12. with the following names:

Allfirdas Jubilé King’s Landing (male)
Allfirdas Jubilé Casterly Rock (male)
Allfirdas Jubilé Winterfell (female)
Allfirdas Jubilé Highgarden (female)
Allfirdas Jubilé Dragonstone (female)

Jubilékullet 2019

12 days old

Go to ‘current litter’ for more pictures

Puppies expected

Or at least we hope so.
If the mating was successful Roskva will be whelping somewhere around May 10. And we are so excited about the combination! Hopefully everything works out as planned and we will welcome puppies after:

C.I.B., SE CH, DK CH, EE CH, HU CH, SE VCH, SE JW 2013 Tallin Winner 2015 Adagio Olive Drab and Allfirdas Roskva
Adagio Olive Drab og Allfirdas Roskva

Adagio Olive Drab_24web

Adagio Olive Drab_27WEB

Adagio Olive Drab_28WEB

Adago Olive Drab_26

Allfirdas Roskva_14WEB

Allfirdas Roskva_8web

Allfirdas Roskva_5 web

Thank you to Camilla Johansson for this opportunity ❤


It’s been a while since the show at Sunndalsøra. Sorry for not updating our homepage. Busy days and easy updates on facebook nowadays.
But here we go;

Surnadal og Rindal Hundeklubb 28.april for judge Zorica Blomqvist:
Allfirdas Roskva – Excellent, 1.Interm., CQ, 2.Best Bitch w/Res.CAC
Allfirdas Hugin – Excellent, 3.Intermediate

Sunndal Hundeklubb 29.april for judge Saija Juutilainen:
Allfirdas Roskva – Excellent, 2.Intermediate
Allfirdas Hugin – Excellent, 2.Interm., CQ, 2.Best Male w/Cert.

2Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

3Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

4Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

6Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

7Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

12Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

13Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

15Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018