International LC, Hvam

Thank you to my dearest neighbor Tina Bonnie, who traveled to the International Lure Coursing competition in Hvam and brought two of my girls with her along with our co-owned Billy.

✨ Rime (Kathstone’s Destined for Allfirda) will be 8 years old in desember, and were therefor the oldest competitor Saturday and got in total 77,5 points and 15.placement out of 19 starters in international class. All she needed to do was to run an international competition over 67 points so that she could get her WCC to be shown in working class at shows. She did it!!! And we are so proud of our old lady. She also had the the disadvantage that she had to run 3 rounds because one of the classes had to start over due to changes of competition field and only the 2 last rounds counted for points and to think that she is soon to be 8 years old I am so happy she made it through and finished. She even wagged her tail happily on the way to the car, Tina told us ❤

✨ Allfirdas Jubilé Dragonstone had her second Lure Coursing competition and got 82,25 point and was placed nr.5 of 19 starters in international class. I think that was a great improvement from her first competition.

✨ Allfirdas Billy The Kid didn’t quite have his luck with the judgments, even though Tina said his last run of the day was amazing. But I guess there is always room for improvement when he got 74 points and 13/13 placement.

✨ Allfirdas Jubilé Highgarden (owned by Anja and Adrian) run herself to 3.placement (with 82,75 points) of 19 starters in international class. We are so happy and sends our gratitude to her owners ❤

Photos by Freddy Eriksen