NMK Selbu and LC

A lovely weekend has passed and I am grateful to be a part of the clubs bord with such an arrangment team. I also past the first part of my education for LC-secretary.

The show results under judge Markku Mähönen:

✨Allfirdas Billy The Kid – Excellent, 4.Open Class.

✨Allfirdas Jubile Dragonstone – Excellent 1.Open Class w/CQ, CAC and 3.Best Bitch.

✨Undimoon Cassiopeia – Excellent, 4.Open Class w/CQ.

✨Allfirdas Pippi Langstrømpe – Excellent, 2.Champ class w/CQ.

✨Undimoon Monna – Best of Breed and CAC and NEW NORWEGIAN CHAMPION ❤ and 3.Best in Show ❤

✨Kazar Zakia – Excellent, 1.Open Class

And for the Lure Coursing Competition Sunday, here are the results (Judges for the day: Karin Koch and Thomas Klokkerhaug):

✨ Allfirdas Billy The Kid – Nr.6 of 12 in national whippet class with 86,25 points.

✨Allfirdas Jubilé Dragonstone – Nr.14 of 17 in international whippet class with 84 points.

✨Allfirdas Jubilé Highgarden – Nr.10 of 17 in international whippet class with 85 points (owned by Anja and Adrian)