Sona 12.mai

Allfirdas Lady Gwynneth of Elsing had a wonderful run at the LC-contest at Sona. After the first heat she was at a second placement, but another whippet beat her at the last heat so she ended up with a in International class. We are so proud of her and Guro what they have accomplished. Zuri is really a whippet with both speed and beauty.






It’s been a while since the show at Sunndalsøra. Sorry for not updating our homepage. Busy days and easy updates on facebook nowadays.
But here we go;

Surnadal og Rindal Hundeklubb 28.april for judge Zorica Blomqvist:
Allfirdas Roskva – Excellent, 1.Interm., CQ, 2.Best Bitch w/Res.CAC
Allfirdas Hugin – Excellent, 3.Intermediate

Sunndal Hundeklubb 29.april for judge Saija Juutilainen:
Allfirdas Roskva – Excellent, 2.Intermediate
Allfirdas Hugin – Excellent, 2.Interm., CQ, 2.Best Male w/Cert.

2Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

3Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

4Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

6Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

7Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

12Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

13Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

15Sunndalsøra 28-29.april2018

Undimoon Cassiopeia

Happy to announce a new girl has come home.
We are so thankful to kennel Undimoon and Erja & Thomas Warell for this opportunity. We brought her home this tuesday and I can already tell she is a wonderful puppy, just as we expected ❤
Her name is Undimoom Cassiopeia and she is one of 11 puppies after C.I.B., SE CH, FI CH, NO CH, DK CH, NORD CH, SE W 2012, NO W 2012, NO W 2016, NO VW 2016, SE VW 2016 Twyborn Big Ben and Hjortronblommas Quick Dance.
Photo: Jörgen Oinonen

My Dog Gøteborg

Amazing news from Gothenburg and a fantastic start on 2018

Allfirdas Valeria ‘Lyra’ became BOB (best of breed) from 92 entries at Västra Kennel Clubs Nordic Dog Show saturday 6.january.

She also got the Swedish cac which makes her Swedish Champion amongst her Norwegian, and also a Nordic Cac. 
In the group she was nr.2 out of ten entries, she ended up behind todays 2BIS winner.
We are so utterly proud of what Guro and Lyra have achieved. 

We also congratulate Allettes with BOS-winner CH Allettes Melroy Buckey Racing ‘Gidde’.
Lyra BIR og Gidde BIM.png